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Friday, August 29, 2014

Writing Contests

So much going on in the writing world...entered NYC Midnight Flash Fiction, Operation Awesome and WOW Women on Writing contests, which is the subject of this blog, and daughter has jumped into the fray by entering her own query/first pages into  #querywars. Proud, proud mom!!!

While you're writing your WIP, you need a few distractions and what better way to do this than to enter a few writing contests? Instead of stressing over your blank computer screen, you need to dive into the great, wide ocean of writing contests. It's perfect writerly (I know that's not a word) training because:
 a.) There's a specific deadline--bye,bye writer's block.
 b.) Each contest has its own set of rules, formats, word counts, subject matter, etc--all great practice for your future querying efforts.
 c.)  You know the specific date and time you'll here something back, so there is no endless need to stalk your inbox every hour waiting for a reply from a recent query.
 d.) You may just be shortlisted or actually WIN something for your writing efforts. And maybe, just maybe someone, somewhere will take notice of your writing, and you'll be on your way.

Either way, it keeps you writing and sometimes, we all need a break from our current project.

I'll let you know the results (good or bad), and while I wait, I hope you'll scour the Internet, especially Twitter for a few contests to join.  

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