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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Pelicans.... dipped in caramel colored muck, their eyelids the only thing moving, trying to cry, but their tears have turned to oil. The ducks skim the water, flapping their wings till exhaustion sets in, but they cannot rise. So they sink. They sink to the bottom of the Gulf that has now been turned into the world's largest burial ground. And only in hell could one imagine such a scene, of smothered dolphins and sunken sea turtles.

And still the black death spews its toxins....51 days and counting, and we have not one human on this entire planet that can stop this insidious beast. A beast that man has created, but man proclaims he cannot stop. In this region where we reside (below sea level) we have been conditioned to ride out storms. And we have. And we have recovered. But how will we recover from this?

I'm furious... I'm sad...mainly, furious! I sit nightly on the edge of my seat waiting for CNN (Anderson Cooper you are my HERO) to relieve us of this heavy burden, to tell us that the disaster will eventually come to an end. That the hole has been plugged. But, that is not what I hear. I hear that it is 51 days and counting....

There really are no words to describe the enormity, or horrors of this abomination. The best I can say, CATASTROPHIC and APOCALYPTIC, but that does not begin to describe the magnitude, or scope, of this disaster. What sums it up is, 51 days and counting.... What are we counting, the animals that will die, the jobs that will be lost, the generations that will be poisoned, the species that will be annihilated, the land that will be lost....or simply the number of days that we have proved that we do not have the intelligence or ingenuity to save our own planet, our own race....